Winning Wednesdays Season 2

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Season 2!

Episode 1

Harry makes his Season 2 debut with Big Tex!

Question: On average how many gallons of chocolate flow through ‘Big Tex’ on a yearly basis?

Answer: 158,400 Gallons

Episode 2

The Rocking Horse Ranch Resort has been featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on a few occasions.

Question: What year is this clip from?

Answer: 1994!

Episode 3

RHR was one of many ranches open in the Hudson Valley years ago.

Question: What year is this RHR advertisement from?

Answer: 1970

Episode 4

Watch Harry cook up some Bran Mash for the herd in this episode!

Question: How many pounds of Bran Mash do we go through in an entire year?

Answer: 93,600 lbs

Episode 5

Eldorado Hot Springs is scheduled to ope in 2020!

Question: How many gallons of water flow through our therapy jets in Eldorado every hour?

Answer: 12,000 gallons per hour

Episode 6

Eldorado Hot Springs will be 98 degrees all year long.

Question: How long will it take for the snowball to melt in Eldorado Springs?

Answer: 46.1 Seconds

Episode 7

Question: In what year did The New Paltz Ballet Theatre introduce their production of ‘The Nutcracker’ to the Rocking Horse Ranch?

Answer: 2013

Episode 8

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Harry Clause!

Episode 9

Question: On average…How many pieces of popcorn does our popcorn popper pop when our popcorn popper pops pieces of popcorn each day?

Answer: 65,742 Pieces

Episode 10

Question: In what year did Stagecoach make his rookie debut at The Ranch?

Answer: 2002

Episode 11

Question: How long will it take Harry to get down our Timber Chute lanes?

Answer: 22:12 Seconds

Episode 12

Question: Whose face is on this movie poster?

Answer: John Wayne

Episode 13

Question: Help us name our newest member of “The Greatest Herd in The World”!

Answer: Arrow

Episode 14

Question: How many gallons of water per minute does our entire snow making system pump?

Answer: 900 Gallons of water per minute, giving us the ability to cover the entire Winter Fun Park in 48 hours!

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2. Winners are responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes, if any.
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7. In cases where multiple contestants provide the correct answer, a winner will be chosen at random unless otherwise indicated.
8. One guess per person per week.