Our brand new Eldorado Hot Springs*

The perfect spot to relax and unwind!

Relax In Our Brand New Eldorado Hot Springs!

This indoor/outdoor aquatic experience is 98 degrees year-round and features multiple therapy jets, built-in seating, and an adjacent fire pit.

*No lifeguard on duty.

Eldorado Hot Springs Rules

1. No Lifeguard on duty; Never Swim Alone.
2. Children under 16 years old must be supervised and within arm’s reach of a parent/guardian.
3. Children under 6 years old are not permitted to use Eldorado Hot Springs.
4. Prolonged underwater swimming or breath holding is prohibited.
5. No running on deck. No diving, jumping, flips or horseplay.
6. Do not swim if you are ill or have diarrhea. Drinking the pool water, spitting, urinating, or otherwise polluting the swimming pool is prohibited.
7. No food or glass in the pool area.
8. Eldorado Hot Springs has a maximum bather load of 50 people.


As part of their on-going training, lifeguards participate in Vigilance Awareness Testing. This testing includes use of manikins in the pools during operating hours to test lifeguard recognition and response. Stop by First Aid/The Front Desk if you have any questions regarding Vigilance Awareness Testing or Lifeguard Training.