Our beautiful Riding Trails are open all year-round

Each season offers its own unique beauty to discover!
Acres of Trails
Riding Levels—From Beginner To Expert
Walk Ride

Walk Ride

A very nice way to see our magnificent acreage! Perfect for a first timer or an experienced rider that’s a bit rusty.

Intermediate Ride

Intermediate Ride

Walk and trot. The next level in riding, about one third of your time will be trotting. There is definitely a bit more skill needed to be comfortable on this ride.

Advanced Ride

Advanced Ride

Walk, trot and canter. For the most experienced rider. The rider needs to have the ability and skill to “communicate” with the horse to get beyond a trot and into the gait of a canter.

Junior Wranglers

Junior Wranglers

For the children under 48″ tall. Parents can even lead their kid’s pony if comfortable. Our “ponies” are typically from our retired trail ride string. They have been with us for a very, very long time (some even 25 years!) and now have been rewarded with light duty for the remainder of their lives with us.

Horseback Riding Demonstrations

Still have some riding questions? Not sure about how or where to hold your horse’s reins? Is it heels down or heels up? The riding demonstration will help you understand why we do what we do when riding a horse. You should feel more comfortable after one of these demonstrations. Ask questions, please!

Love Horses, But Don't Want To Ride?
No worries partner, look what we have to offer!

Daily Horse Parades

Catch “The Greatest Herd In The World” twice daily during our Horse Parades. Our wranglers will share facts and answer questions while you take pictures and make memories.

Tractor-Drawn Wagon Rides

Typically a night event. When the “Big Boys” are sleeping, we still run the hay rides; but with a big, orange colored tractor named Kubota! The hayrides will drop riders off at our campfire, marshmallow roast and sing along. A very fun evening for the entire family.

Horse Shoeing Demonstrations

Think putting shoes on a horse is a lost art? Well guess again; it’s actually a thriving industry! Watch our expert farriers (blacksmith) shoe the horses of the world’s largest guest ranch, right here in our specially designed Blacksmith’s Shop.

Have Questions? See Below.
Trail Riding Guide

Trail riding guide with helpful hints and policies


Rocking Horse Ranch is home to one of the largest saddle horse operations in North America, where each horse receives exceptional care and training. It is important to note that there are inherent risks associated with being around animals. Proper conduct is necessary to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and horses. Below are some important guidelines for guest participation.


1. All riders must be at least 48” tall and at least 7 years of age to participate in a trail ride.
2. There is a standard weight limit of 300lbs per rider. This is for the safety of the the horse. If you are unsure about your weight, we have a scale available at the stables.
3. Please note that there are limited horses available to accommodate riders over 250 pounds.
4. Before joining us on a trail ride, all riders must sign a waiver. Guests under the age of 18 require the signature of a consenting adult.
5. All riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet as required by New York State law. In addition, we recommended all riders to wear a CHA certified helmet and provide them free of charge at the stables.
6. You should not ride if you: have neck back or bone injuries; have heart trouble or high blood pressure; are pregnant; have had recent surgery or a pre-existing illness.
7. There is no cell phone use or picture taking while on the trail rides. Riders will need both hands free and available to properly control the horse.
8. Guided trail rides are approximately 1-hour long and can include winding, steep hills. Proper attire is required.
-Long pants are recommended
-No open toe shoes, flip flops or bare feet are permitted.
9. No food, drinks, or extra baggage (such as backpacks) are permitted on a ride. If you require any of these for medical purposes, please notify a manager at the stables prior to mounting a horse.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at info@rhranch.com.

Riding Levels

We offer 3 levels of riding.


Beginner Ride is suitable for all guests meeting the above mentioned requirements.

Intermediate Ride includes walking and trotting. It is recommended that guests have at least ten hours experience riding a horse and are comfortable steering, stopping, and controlling a horse at a walk and a trot.

Advanced Ride is for experienced riders only. A riding assessment will be conducted by a member of our stables staff. Advanced riders should be able to demonstrate complete control over their horse at a canter.

The Riding Experience

Our rides go out in a guided trail fashion, meaning that the horses are lined up nose to tail, single file. Riders are responsible for maintaining single file formation as well as space between their horse and the horse in front of them. Each rider is shown how to stop and steer and will be responsible for controlling their horse out on the trail. Our experienced wranglers will be positioned throughout each ride to offer assistance if necessary.