We have more than horses here at Rocking Horse Ranch

Meet some new friends in our Wildlife Exhibit!
Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, native to Western Africa, are extremely gentle and playful! They are all unique, from their eye color to their personalities to their colorful coats! Come visit them and they’ll greet you with a chorus of “bahs”.

Scottish Highland Cows

From the Scottish Highlands comes this very unusual ancient species of cow. Bonnie & Clyde are beautiful to look at and have a docile personality. But don’t get fooled, these guys are rugged and can withstand severe winters with their very thick coats of long hair. Their horns are over 2 feet long and still growing!

Plains Zebra

Our Plains Zebra, Zoey, came to us at the wee little age of just 3 weeks old. She was an adorable baby! Now this cutie is all grown up, and is a favorite of the Ranch.

Miniature Donkeys

This adorable mother and daughter team hail from the sunny slopes of Sicily, Italy. Dunkey is the mom and Sadie is her daughter. Cute as buttons!

Mark Perpetua's Reptile Encounters


A Reptile Encounter will give you and your audience a close up look at a fascinating group of animals, reptiles. Reptile expert, Mark Perpetua, will both educate and entertain while he discusses the role of these animals in ecology. Mark Perpetua is a licensed herpetologist with over 30 years of experience in nearly every family of reptilian ranging from cobras to monitors to crocodilians and giant pythons! Watch as he handles alligators, rattlesnakes and gets ‘wrapped up’ with a python.