Included In Your Stay! Horse Adventures

  • Horseback Riding
  • Child with Horse
  • Horse Drawn Rides
  • Girl on Horse

Our beautiful Riding Trails are open all year-round

Each season offers its own unique beauty to discover!

Horse Back Riding

The Ranch's Riding Adventure takes you back in time with the flavor of the Old West. Enjoy trail riding and horse drawn wagon & sleigh rides all year long! Our Trail Riding Program starts at age 7. For Junior Wranglers not quite ready for trail riding, we offer our Pony Ride Area, perfectly suited to getting the little ones started. Riding instruction is available for those wishing to gain helpful tips for a more enjoyable, safer trail ride. All horse related activities are a part of our all-inclusive vacation package!

Whether you're an old hand or meeting horses for the very first time, you're sure to bring home exciting, adventure filled memories that will last a lifetime!

Our experienced riding staff demonstrates daily, all the basic western riding techniques as well as riding safety. All trail rides are supervised by a member of management certified by the renowned Certified Horsemanship Association. Individual attention at the beginning of each trail ride assures that each rider is properly outfitted and starts out on the right foot!

Walk Ride
A very nice way to see our magnificent acreage! Perfect for a first timer or an experienced rider that's a bit rusty.

Intermediate Ride
Walk and trot. The next level in riding, about one third of your time will be trotting. There is definitely a bit more skill needed to be comfortable on this ride.

Advanced Ride
Walk, trot and canter. For the most experienced rider. The rider needs to have the ability and skill to "communicate" with the horse to get beyond a trot and into the gait of a canter.

Horseback Riding Demonstrations Pony Rides
For the children under 7 years old. Parents can even lead their kid's pony if comfortable. Our "ponies" are typically from our retired trail ride string. They have been with us for a very, very long time (some even 25 years!) and now have been rewarded with light duty for the remainder of their lives with us.

Horseback Riding Demonstrations
Still have some riding questions? Not sure about how or where to hold your horse's reins? Is it heels down or heels up? The riding demonstration will help you understand why we do what we do when riding a horse. You should feel more comfortable after one of these demonstrations. Ask questions, please!